Washroom Urinal Systems UK

Urinal systems for male toilet areas, including IPS panelling.

Urinal solutions for gents toilet areas, a range of options available.

Our urinal solutions can also include IPS panelling to conceal pipework, & partitioning for additional privacy.

Free site visits available to help you realise your interior vision. We are able create your entire washroom solution including IPS panelling, washroom cubicles and vanity units.

Washroom Urinal System UK

Cubicle Systems can manufacture a variety of washroom solutions for creating your male washroom area.

This includes a range of toilet cubicles (including full-height & anti-bacterially treated), urinal options including partitioning to match your existing toilet cubicles, bespoke vanity units, & changing room solutions.

We can provide a full range of washroom refurbishment services; from initial designs, to manufacturing, to installation & final touches.

Free site visits available to provide your own bespoke design.


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