IPS Panels

IPS (integrated plumbing systems) toilet & duct panelling.

When compared to traditional IPS methods, Cubicle Systems can offer up to a 20% saving, greatly reduced risks & minimised installation times.

Cubicle Systems’ IPS conceals pipework, creating a new wall with access for servicing & maintenance. This hides pipework & creates a more attractive washroom.

IPS panels can be produced & supplied to meet virtually any size requirement. Available as full or half height.

Free site visits available to provide your own bespoke design.


Looking to give your commercial washroom a much needed face lift? Supplying a variety of materials, colours & furniture.

Supply & Install

Your partner in creating amazing washroom designs that last. Trusted by construction companies across England & Wales.


A full refurbishment service, our turn key solutions offer a full interior transformation covering all elements.

IPS Toilet Panels UK

Some of the features of our IPS:

Step 1

Site plumber receives site preparation drawing provided & installs water & soil pipework as indicated. All other concealed services installed at this time. Installer fits in position floor & wall track ready to receive IPS frames.

Step 2

The IPS frames arrive on site with sanitaryware & decorative panels already removed to avoid damage. The cistern remains fixed to the frame. The installer locates the IPS frame in the floor channel centred on the soil pipe inlet. Adjust for height, plumb & level, securely fix to floor & wall channels.

Step 3

Install decorative frame spacer panels, skirting wall & ceiling scribes.

Step 4

Installer repositions the bottom decorative panel, refits sanitaryware & connects flexible water supply pipes. The onsite plumber tests the system for leaks or non-conformities. Prior to acceptance, decorative panels are replaced after all service work has been carried out.

Step 5

The installation complete & tested, the installer replaces the decorative panels & silicon seals joints where necessary & cleans ready for acceptance by the customer.

Cubicle Systems Corian

A seamless washroom design. A better experience for its users, easier to install & maintain for tradesman, & a more affordable solution for you.

Cubicle Washroom Systems UK