Superloo Washroom Refurbishment London

Superloo washrooms. The perfect unisex solution for smaller spaces.

An all-in-one toilet solution offering maximum privacy; perfect for unisex toilet areas. Superloos are perfect for restaurants, offices, & more.

As Cubicle Systems are able to provide a bespoke superloo solution for your organisation, we can make a toilet area that perfectly integrates with your existing interior design.

As we manufacture in-house, too, we can create furniture & solutions that fits your room space.

Free site visits available to provide your own bespoke design.


Looking to give your commercial washroom a much needed face lift? Supplying a variety of materials, colours & furniture.

Supply & Install

Your partner in creating amazing washroom designs that last. Trusted by construction companies across England & Wales.


A full refurbishment service, our turn key solutions offer a full interior transformation covering all elements.

Optimal washroom hygiene & privacy. Ideal for diverse enviroments.

The additional privacy that a superloo delivers is ideal for a range of reasons. Washroom visitors feel safer, the extra privacy provides a high-end aesthetic, they’re unisex and LGBTQ+ positive.

The additional privacy also has hygiene benefits. When cleaning a communal washroom, often that results in the whole area needing to be closed, whereas with a superloo you can clean each washroom area individually.

Additionally, if a superloo is suddenly contaminated, the washroom can easily be closed off for public use whilst being cleaned and users can use other washrooms without issue.

Superloo Refurbishment-Hampshire


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