Premier Full-Height Toilet Cubicles

Standard Toilet Cubicle Sizes

The following Standard Cubicle Sizes refer to Building Regulations Part M and the Equality Act 2010 for guidance only.

Cubicle Systems can manufacture made-to-measure cubicles to suit your individual washroom requirements.

Standard Cubicle Toilet Sizes

Standard Toilet Cubicles

When four or more washroom cubicles are provided, one of them needs to be an enlarged washroom cubicle.

Enlarged cubicles must be a minimum width of 1200 between partitions and include and outward opening door.

A horizontal and vertical grab rail set it required around the WC.

Enlarged WC Cubicles

All standard toilet cubicles must have a minimum of 450mm diameter turning circle space within the cubicle.

Indicator locks must be capable of being operated with a closed fist – and doors must allow for emergency access should a user collapse and become trapped inside the cubicle – blocking the door from opening.

Ambulant Disabled Cubicles

Every same-sex washroom must have at least one WC cubicle that is suitable for the ambulant disabled.

If there is only one cubicle in the washroom then this must be suitable for an ambulant disabled person.

The ambulant disabled cubicle must include an outward opening door.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet Size

Wheelchair Accessible Cubicles

The wheelchair accessible layout has been modified to accommodate an overall toilet cubicle length of 2220mm (previously 2000mm).

The door opening needs to be 900mm with a 965mm (wide) outward opening door


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