Cubicle Hinges

Only selected hardware items are currently available for purchase from the online store. If you are looking for something more specific please get in touch.

Prices are excluding VAT. Delivery typically takes up to five working days. £12 for shipping under 9kg, £15 under 36kg.



Nylon butt hinge (Supplied with fixings for 18-19mm board).



Satin Stainless Steel gravity hinge. Suitable for 12-13mm and 18-19mm board. Can be adjusted on site to fall open or fall closed (Supplied with fixings for either 12-13mm & 18-19mm).



Satin Anodized Aluminium hinge, pair supplied with fixings. Suitable for 12-13mm (with supplied packer) or 18-19mm board thickness.


Can't find the cubicle hardware you're looking for? Please get in touch to receive more options.