Urinal Modesty Panels UK

Washroom modesty screens for urinals dividers & communal shower areas.

Modesty screens offer additional privacy for washroom areas. Perfect for between urinals.

A wide-range of modesty screen options available for matching your washroom colours. Made-to-measure, available in several styles to provide various amounts of privacy.

Did you know approximately 14.4% of men suffer from “pee shyness” or paruresis? Modesty screens provide these individuals with privacy & confidence when using the washroom (resulting in a better experience). Additionally, this helps with hygiene.

Washroom Modesty Panels London

Modesty screens for communal shower areas

Cubicle Systems also offer modesty screens for wet areas. Perfect for communal shower areas where full cubicles are not possible or preferable.

A range of options available including solid colour, marble-effect, wood-effect, frosted glass & more.

Customisable with add ons such as shelves to hold soap, etc.


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