Wash Trough Basin UK

Made-to-measure wash troughs created using nonporous solid surface materials.

Available as a wall hung wash trough, or you can have the trough as a sit-on basin for your commercial vanity unit.

A range of Corian & Hanex colour options available (including options to match the appearance of natural stone such as granite & marble) for matching your existing interior design. Perfect for high-end interiors.

Made-to-Measure Wash Troughs UK

Optimal hygiene through solid surface materials.

In addition to the high-end appearance of our wash troughs, they also have excellent hygienic properties such as being nonporous (which means that bacteria can’t cling onto the basin) & being durable enough to withstand the harshest cleaning materials without damaging its appearance.

This results in a more hygienic, cleanly washroom experience.

We’re also able to provide other hygienic accessories for your washroom, such as sensored sanitaryware to reduce surface contact in the washroom.

Created bespoke for your unique project

Being made-to-measure also allows clients to specify a basin size that suits their unique requirements. Whether that’s finding a size that allows multiple people to use the trough at once depending on expected washroom traffic, or to fit an awkward room shape; made-to-measure offers a convenient solution for all these problems.
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Made by hand in our manufacturing facilities based in New Milton, Hampshire by our experts

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